How Much Bulls’ Tristan Thompson Owes In Child Support

How Much Bulls' Tristan Thompson Owes In Child Support

Tristan Thompson made his triumphant Chicago Bulls debut on Thursday night, scoring 11 points and grabbing six rebounds in a 112-108 victory over the Atlanta Hawks.

It was a perfect start for Thompson, who on paper at least provides Chicago with the interior support the team will objectively need in order to make a deep playoff run.

As good as things are going for Thompson on the court right now, that is how poorly they are going off it.

Thompson is currently being accused by Maralee Nichols, one of his baby mamas, of not fulfilling his financial support obligations for his 2-month-old son.


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Worse yet, the sheer amount of money Thompson will now reportedly owe in child support is staggering.

According to The Sun, between his kids with Nichols, Jordan Craig and Khloe Kardashian – Thompson could be on the hook for $120,000 per month.


Thompson obviously got himself into this mess, so it’s hard to feel sympathy for his financial plight, but that is an objectively insane amount of money.


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Between this most recent development and his disturbing leaked text messages, Thompson has been having a rough few months.

Who knew that alleged dalliances with three women in one night could end so poorly for someone?

Luckily, while his personal life could be better, Thompson’s NBA fortunes seem to be improving. Whereas his old Boston Celtics teammates absolutely hated him, Thompson’s new Bulls teammates seem to be welcoming him with open arms.

If Thompson plays well in Chicago, he could be in line for a big new next deal. And if that happens, it will be interesting to see what impact that ultimately has on future child support payments.

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