Gwen Stefani’s Reaction To Angels’ Shohei Ohtani Goes Viral (Video)

Gwen Stefani’s Reaction To Angels’ Shohei Ohtani Goes Viral (Video)

Gwen Stefani was on hand this week to watch Shohei Ohtani and the Los Angeles Angels square off against the New York Yankees.

As usual, the Angels are a massive disappointment this season despite boasting two of Major League Baseball’s most talented superstars.

Fortunately for them, the Yankees are similarly terrible this year so L.A. was able to eek out a 4-3 win on Monday night.

Because this was a battle of two middling squads, the action on the field isn’t what stole all the headlines after the fact. Rather, what folks couldn’t stop talking about afterwards was Stefani’s reaction to Ohtani working his magic.

The reactions poured in immediately.

Fans quickly flocked to social media to offer their two cents on the video.

Big picture, despite how awful the Angels consistently are, Ohtani is a massive star. There’s a reason that even the conversation about who his girlfriend is attracts so many eyeballs. He is that level of international icon.

He just deserves a better team at this point in his career.

The Angels gave it their best shot with Ohtani – but now it’s time to release him and let him thrive elsewhere.

Where will Ohtani ultimately be playing when the Angels inevitably trade him sooner rather than later? Time will tell, but regardless of where it is, he will undoubtedly have Stefani cheering him on.

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