Google Is shutting down YouTube Gaming app

Google is all set to finally pull the plug on the standalone YouTube Gaming app in just a few days. Months after it announced by Google, it would merge with standard YouTube App.

Google wrote on its support page – “We want to build a stronger home for the gaming community that thrives on YouTube. After May 2019, we’ll separate the YouTube Gaming app and focus on our gaming efforts across YouTube.

Google is known for supporting unsuccessful products for not a very long time. It’s been almost four years since the initial release of YouTube Gaming App. It’s probably for the better. Since the launch of the App, the purpose of the application was unclear. It didn’t offer anything new and different from the regular YouTube app. The gamers (the primary market for the App) found it confusing. But it took Google a couple of years to acknowledge the fact.

If you remember, it was one of the first Google applications with a dark mode. If you want to keep using some of the features which specifically aimed for gamers, you have to check YouTube’s Gaming Hub.

The tech giant had announced in September 2018 but missed the original shutdown date in March 2019. So the news isn’t surprising. If you want to continue viewing gaming content, go by official YouTube app. As of now, the app is still available in the Play Store. But, the good thing is that the app subscriptions will be there for the main YouTube app.

YouTube Gaming visitors who have saved or viewed content over the years would run out of luck. The video sharing platform says that it’s not possible to transfer games already saved on YouTube Gaming.

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