Girl Who Hooked Up With 7 Players Talks Devin Booker

Girl Who Hooked Up With 7 Players Talks Devin Booker

Girl Who Hooked Up With 7 Players Talks Devin Booker

The girl who famously hooked up with seven members of the Phoenix Suns in a single night recently opened up about her experience with the team’s star, Devin Booker.

Ayyyejae, an Instagram model, rose to prominence in late August after going into explicit detail about an encounter she had with seven NBA players in a single night several years back.

As a result of her story going viral, her Instagram follower count rose to 106,000 and she was reportedly able to generate six figures from her OnlyFans account. On the flip side, her parents apparently disowned her and she got fired from her job.

After she first spoke of her experience with the Suns players during an appearance on the No Jumper podcast, she later opted to go back on and delve into additional specifics regarding what happened on that fateful night.

“On my birthday, my birthday is Memorial Day weekend and I seen them all at Drai’s like this one team,” she said.

“And I was getting ****** in a hotel room and they all pulled up and I sucked their ****.”

So to recap, she was already with another person when the seven Suns players entered the picture.

So how did Booker factor into all this?

According to Ayyyejae, he and the rest of the Suns players present had heard about her skills prior to their encounter. This prompted them to want to test her out for themselves.

In Ayyyejae’s retelling of how it all happened, Booker stepped up to the plate first – then his teammates followed.

The perks of stardom, apparently.

To date neither Booker nor any members of his team have come forward to confirm or deny the claims Ayyyejae has made. Presumably they would want to clear the air if her accusations were untrue, particularly given the detail in which she went into, but they have not.

Meanwhile, Booker is currently reportedly dating Kendall Jenner. He is fresh off arguably his most impressive pro season and is one of the league’s most shining stars, so it stands to reason he is not overly concerned with what some random girl is saying about him to a small audience on the internet.

Will one of the seven Suns players ever come out and give us additional details on what really transpired with Ayyyejae? It is impossible to say for certain. If they don’t, history will simply have to record her version of events as what really went down on that special, romantic night.

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