Gilbert Arenas Explains Why Nets’ Ben Simmons Can’t Shoot

Gilbert Arenas Explains Why Nets’ Ben Simmons Can’t Shoot

Gilbert Arenas was one of the most explosive and exhilarating scorers of his generation.

Over the course of several years, Arenas’ run with the Washington Wizards was must-see TV.

As one of the most prolific offensive players of his day, Arenas is uniquely qualified to speak on certain things. Case in point: Brooklyn Nets star Ben Simmons’ inability to score in any meaningful capacity.

Recently Arenas sat down with Julian Edelman and Sam Morrill on the Games With Names podcast and posited a theory as to why Simmons can’t shoot.

“I sat there and just watched him and I’m looking at his form, looking at his feet and I’m like ‘what the hell is going on with you, why isn’t it translating to the game?’ There’s a certain type of player that just can’t shoot and it’s because of their speed,” Arenas said.

“They’re too fast! It sounds like a weird thing but they’re too fast. If you go through recent history, Jason Kidd – super fast, couldn’t shoot, you’ve got your Westbrooks, you know…They have too much speed and torque so when you try and stop and pull up, it messes up everything.”

Is that the problem with Simmons? Does he simply play too fast? Maybe. It’s as valid a theory as any out there.

Of course what it doesn’t address is the mental aspect of shooting. Prior to that devastating playoff showdown against the Atlanta Hawks that ended his tenure with the Philadelphia 76rs, Simmons was at least an okay scorer. Yes, he still wasn’t lobbing up threes – but he wasn’t afraid of getting fouled either.

That Hawks series changed him, though.

Arenas is one of the realer personalities in NBA podcasting today. Whether he is talking about his experience being homeless, recalling memorable Kobe Bryant trash-talking stories or naming the toughest NBA player he ever had to defend – the man is nothing if not honest.

In that respect, if he is saying this about Simmons, you know he truly believes it.

Will Simmons ever be able to get back to being the moderately not-terrible scorer he once was in his heyday? Time will tell.

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