Gay Dallas Cowboys Star Reveals Why He Came Out

Gay Dallas Cowboys Star Reveals Why He Came Out

Gay Dallas Cowboys Star Reveals Why He Came Out

A gay Dallas Cowboys star reveals why he came out so late in life in a recent interview.

Former linebacker Jeff Rohrer recently opened up in a new documentary for NFL Films.

In the project Rohrer describes what he went through while hiding his sexual orientation and why he finally opted to come out later in life.

The details get particularly heart wrenching when he describes having to divorce his wife.

“It was something that I suppressed so hard for so many years that I really had no idea,” Rohrer said.

“My story was you kind of, go on a track of who you’re supposed to be, not who you want to be.”

It was only when his life essentially began falling apart that Rohrer finally admitted his sexuality to himself and the people he loved.

In 2018, Rohrer got married to skincare expert Joshua Ross. In doing this, he became the first NFL player to ever marry someone of the same gender.

Rohrer now lives with his husband, ex-wife and two children.

When pressed on how the football community has responded to him coming out, Rohrer had positive things to say.

“What I’ve learned is that they both have been very accepting,” he said.

“I’m so happy, so proud that I’m out, so proud that I’m gay. And I’m just going to go forward.”

Given that homophobia is still so prevalent in sports, Rohrer’s openness will no doubt make it easier for other gay athletes to come out whenever they feel the time is right.

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