Fans Are Offended By Milwaukee Bucks’ Jersey Design

Fans Are Offended By Milwaukee Bucks’ Jersey Design

Last year the Milwaukee Bucks brought back their popular black “Fear the Deer” jerseys, but also added something a bit unique. As can clearly be seen right above the number, blue, black, green, cream and white lines were inserted– representing what the Bucks referred to as the “Cream City rainbow.”

From the get-go, some fans took issue with the “blue line,” suggesting it showed support for the police in a time when the black community was coming out vocally against racial injustice. Yes, they accused the Bucks of this — the same team that sent a special gift to Jacob Blake and kick-started the played-led boycott in the NBA last year. The team that was literally willing to risk a playoff game for their convictions.

This week, the issue creeped up again.

This is a question that has been all over the web since 2019.

Multiple people explained the rationale for the Bucks’ blue line, but for whatever reason it never seems to sink in.

Although the reasoning behind the blue line is pretty clear and self-explanatory, it will be interesting to see if the franchise (or Nike) ultimately feels compelled to remove it just because of the headache that ensues from the misunderstanding of its meaning.

Fans getting upset about NBA uniforms is nothing new. There was outrage over the Cleveland Cavaliers’ uniforms at one point as well, but the reason for the outrage is a sensitive one, and might ultimately end up being more trouble than it’s worth.

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