Extended Cut Of Meyers Leonard Slur Video Goes Viral (Video)

Extended Cut Of Meyers Leonard Slur Video Goes Viral (Video)

Miami Heat big man Meyers Leonard got himself into a lot of trouble this week after using a slur while playing Call of Duty on Twitch.

“F*****g cowards. Don’t f*****g snipe me! You f*****g k**e b***h,” Leonard can be heard saying on the live stream.

Shortly after the original clip went viral, an extended cut began making its rounds online.

In the extended cut, Leonard could be seen getting a distressing phone call. Although he attempts to play it off, it’s clear as day that he is deeply troubled by what he’s hearing.

Seconds later, he can be seen saying that he needs to leave because his wife needs him.

“Yo, my wife needs me, she just called me. I’ll, uh, I gotta roll, brother.”

This is not the first Leonard has sparked controversy in this fashion.

Leonard has more than 69,000 followers on Twitch and roughly 550,000 between Twitter and Instagram. It’s unclear what he was thinking or how he could have possibly anticipated getting away with what he said.

Both the NBA and the Heat have yet to offer a comment on Leonard’s statement. It will be interesting to see what sort of punishment is ultimately handed down.

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