ESPN Reveals Odds Of Tom Brady Returning To Patriots

ESPN Reveals Odds Of Tom Brady Returning To Patriots

ESPN Reveals Odds Of Tom Brady Returning To Patriots

ESPN revealed the odds of Tom Brady returning to the Patriots in a recent segment.

Heading into March, Brady’s status is becoming increasingly interesting.

At this point, it remains unclear whether he will return to New England or join a different team like the Los Angeles Chargers or Las Vegas Raiders.

Either way, Brady appears to be looking at roughly similar contracts.

According to multiple reports, both the Raiders and Patriots are preparing to offer the six-time Super Bowl champion deals worth roughly $60 million over two years.

ESPN NFL insider Mike Reiss was recently asked how much of a percentage he was giving Brady of returning to the Patriots.

According to him, there is an 80 percent chance Brady goes back to the team he has played with his whole career.

“The Patriots are expected to seek clarity on Brady’s intentions before the start of free agency on March 18, because his decision will have a significant trickle-down effect on the team’s overall plans,” he said.

“With no movement to date, I’m sticking with 80% odds on Brady’s return at this time.”

Although Brady has been the subject of a lot of attention in recent months, most still believe that the highest probability as far as his next destination is the Patriots.

It just makes sense on every level.

If the Chargers, Raiders or any of these other franchises were offering him more money or a higher chance at winning, it would certainly be one thing.

But none of those organizations are closer to a Super Bowl than New England. And if the money is the same all around, then there is really no good reason for Brady to sign with anyone else.

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