XFL Week 2 Attendance Numbers Are In

XFL Week 2 Attendance Numbers Are In

XFL Week 2 Attendance Numbers Are In

XFL Week 2 attendance numbers are in, and they are impressive.

Fresh off last week’s debut, many wondered if the XFL would be able to sustain its momentum.

Turns out, it can.

In Week 1, more than 17,000 fans showed up to watch the D.C. Defenders’ first outing at Audi Field in Washington, D.C.

Many wondered if that was just the byproduct of people wanting to see the spectacle of the XFL for one game and one game only.

After all, the first incarnation of Vince McMahon’s NFL alternative had massive ratings in its first week before ultimately flopping hard and going out of business by season’s end.

It does not look like history will repeat itself, though.

In Week 2 this time around, the Defenders hosted the New York Guardians in a highly anticipated showdown. Behind quality play from quarterback Cardale Jones, D.C. pulled out a big win.

Roughly 15,000 fans came out to show their support for the Defenders, which is down slightly from Week 1, but not significantly so.

At the moment, all signs point to the XFL having the momentum and energy necessary to have a sustained successful run through the rest of the season.

So long as the product on the field remains strong, the results off it should as well.

Next weekend, D.C.’s ability to pull in crowds will be put to the test when the Defenders square off against the Los Angeles Wildcats in a game that will air on Fox Sports 1.

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