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ESPN Has Surprising Take On Ohio State, Ryan Day

ESPN Has Surprising Take On Ohio State, Ryan Day

ESPN Has Surprising Take On Ohio State, Ryan Day

ESPN had a surprising take on Ohio State and Ryan Day this week.

Leading up to the announcement of the College Football Playoff rankings, the big debate was whether LSU or Ohio State was the best team in the nation.

The Tigers had seemingly beaten the toughest competition in the toughest conference in college football. But Ohio State shocked a lot of people just by how sheerly dominant the team looked all season long.

Ultimately, LSU earned the No. 1 seed and the right to play Oklahoma in the semifinals of the College Football Playoffs.

Ohio State received the No. 2 seed and will take on the defending champions, Clemson.

This week, ESPN college football insider Kirk Herbstreit reflected on the year Day and Ohio State had. He simply could not stop gushing about how great the Buckeyes looked all season long.

“I’d go back to last year and make an argument that the three best games they played was when he was the head coach,” Herbstreit said.

“Then you look at the baton being handed to him after last year and it’s one thing to have a team, it’s another thing to be able to keep a team motivated, prepared, hungry as consistently as he did. And he did that.”

Most people thought that Ohio State would take a step back with Urban Meyer gone, but that clearly did not happen.

“Ryan Day has made this his team,” he continued.

“He’s put his signature and his personality on this 2019 team. I don’t know if people understand how hard that is to do and for that, I think he was the national coach of the year.”

What Day accomplished this year has been undeniably impressive. The big question now is whether he will be able to secure the cherry atop a phenomenal season and win the National Championship.

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