Erin Andrews’ Outfit Sparks Controversy At Packers Game (Photos)

Erin Andrews’ Outfit Sparks Controversy At Packers Game (Photos)

Erin Andrews’ coverage of various games is a crucial part of NFL Sundays.

The longtime broadcaster handles pregame and postgame interviews for FOX on gamedays, and also conducts various chats with coaches during the outings themselves.

This week, Andrews was on hand for the Green Bay Packers’ showdown versus Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Surprisingly enough, her outfit choice for the match-up left fans divided.

This is what Andrews ultimately decided to wear to the event:

For whatever reason, it proved to be quite the polarizing choice.

“Yes to the hat, just the whole outfit is amazing,” one fan wrote.

“Interesting hat pick this week Erin Andrews,” another countered.

“Erin Andrews is all yee-haw up in Tampa with that cowboy hat!” a third fan noted.

“Erin Andrews hat is a MISTAKE,” a fourth bluntly stated.

That prompted another fan to come to her defense.

“I don’t care what the Twitter world thought,” the person wrote. “The hat is a nice touch.”

Some fans on Twitter couldn’t let the hat thing go, though.

This isn’t the first time in recent months that Andrews has blown up online for her choice of attire. What she wrote to last week’s New Orleans Saints game also ended up being headline news.

And then prior to that, folks couldn’t get over her wardrobe decision for her big sit down interview with Aaron Rodgers.

Big picture, Andrews is just that caliber of star. She is a mainstay in the news cycle no matter what she does – fashion-related or not.

Between her provocative beach day photosracy dancing videos, and very impressive vacation pictures with Charissa Thompson – she is always blowing up online for something or other these days.

If past is prologue, Week 4 will see Andrews trend for her outfit choice yet again.

What will fans take note of this time around?

An answer should emerge in coming next few days.

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