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Erin Andrews’ Deion Sanders Halloween Costume Goes Viral (Photos)

Erin Andrews’ Deion Sanders Halloween Costume Goes Viral (Photos)

Erin Andrews and Colorado head football coach Deion Sanders have always had a really strong relationship.

Earlier this year, before anyone was even truly paying attention to the Buffaloes, Andrews’ video with Sanders went mega-viral.

Obviously in the months since Colorado has turned into one of the hottest shows in all of college football. And while they are clearly on something of a downtrend, what with their most recent defeat at the hands of UCLA, Sanders alone keeps his squad relevant.

This week, ahead of Halloween, Andrews decided to pay tribute to her friend via her costume.

Erin Andrews’ Deion Sanders Halloween Costume Goes Viral (Photos) 1

One person who loved the outfit? Coach Prime himself.


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Be it for her controversial outfit choices or wild Las Vegas party pictures with Charissa Thompson, Andrews consistently finds new and innovative reasons to land in the headlines.

This is just the latest example of that.

As for Sanders – he too is a news magnet. After Colorado’s loss to the Bruins, he caused something of a stir by calling out his own offensive line.

“The big picture, you get get new lineman,” Sanders said. “That’s the picture and I’m [gonna] paint it perfectly.”

A lot of Sanders’ frustration stems from the fact that one of his sons, who also serves as Colorado’s starting quarterback, has gone from Heisman candidate to forgotten over the past month.

A big part why is because he can’t get into any sort of rhythm due to the offensive line allowing 31 sacks on the year – the fourth most in all of college football.

It goes without saying the Buffaloes don’t have any more meaningful games left in 2023. But hopefully Andrews still finds a way to come and see Sanders, because their friendship is truly a fun one to watch.

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