Erin Andrews Criticized For Outfit To Seahawks-Lions Game

Erin Andrews Criticized For Outfit To Seahawks-Lions Game

Erin Andrews was criticized for her outfit choice to last week’s game between the Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions.

Heading into Week 2 of the NFL season, Andrews was on hand for FOX in Detroit to cover two of the more intriguing teams in the league facing off.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t her coverage that got most of the attention in the aftermath – it was her choice of attire.

Specifically, Andrews ultimately received criticism for her outfit choice to the Seahawks-Lions game.


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“Love you to know end but that outfit was not my jam. Glad it made you happy for whatever reason. Think I’d be taking to my stylist. [My humble opinion],” one fan wrote.

Not everyone felt that way, though.

“Who cares what she’s wearing.. does it affect her performance? Get with it and stop the BS snark and shaming,” another fan replied.

Notably, though – that fan didn’t defend the wardrobe choice itself. Just the decision to criticize it.

Another person seemed to agree with the original critique.

“Please hide the pants! They look terrible on you,”

Regardless of how anyone feels about this particular outfit, thre is no denying that Andrews is the biggest name in sports media right now.

Yes, Kay Adams can go viral for her provocative dance video with Rob Gronkowski. Sure, Charissa Thompson may blow up online for her racy dress. But in the end, neither rises to the level of celebrity that Andrews consistently reaches.

That is why she always gets so much feedback after NFL games – both good and bad.

Be it for her beach day photos, wedding outfits or wild Las Vegas vacation pictures with Thompson, Andrews is a permanent fixture in the news cycle nowadays.

She is just that level of superstar.

With that comes both good and bad things. Sometimes you get praised, other times you get criticized. That’s just the nature of the business.

What will Andrews ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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