Dwyane Wade’s Brutally Honest Message To Michael Jordan

Dwyane Wade’s Brutally Honest Message To Michael Jordan

Dwyane Wade is one of the greatest shooting guards of all time.

Because of the success he achieved throughout his career and the time in which he came up, he is in a unique position to evaluate the NBA not just as it is now – but as it was in Michael Jordan’s heyday.

Wade has spoken about the Jordan-LeBron James comparisons many times. He has even offered his pick on who the true GOAT is.

During a recent appearance on the “Armchair Expert” podcast with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman, Wade delivered a brutally honest message to Jordan: you will one day be forgotten.

“The game continues to keep moving forward, and so we’re gonna continue to see things we’ve never seen before,” Wade said.

“And the eyes are gonna get younger and younger. We’re not gonna be the ones having a conversation about the GOATs. Now it’s going to be the younger, younger, younger generation. And they’re gonna forget about Jordan like we forget about Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar).”

It’s a tough message to hear, no doubt – but an important one.

Remember, Scottie Pippen recently suggested that Jordan pushed the release of the ‘Last Dance’ because he was feeling outshined by James and forgotten by the new age basketball community.

‘The Last Dance’ successfully reintroduced Jordan the basketball player into the young hoops fan zeitgeist, but it’s only a temporary fix. Eventually new stars will arrive and he will once again be forgotten.

Wade has never been one to bite his tongue. Whether he is naming the two hardest players in the NBA to guard or speaking out on Stephen Curry’s bad shots – he keeps it pretty real.

This was just the latest example of that.

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