Dwight Howard’s Keeps It Real On LeBron James’ Fight With Isaiah Stewart

Dwight Howard’s Keeps It Real On LeBron James’ Fight With Isaiah Stewart

LeBron James somehow found himself in the headlines twice this week for non-basketball affairs.

The most recent incident occurred on Wednesday night, when he got two Indiana Pacers fans ejected from the game over something they said. Initially there was pushback to the Los Angeles Lakers star’s move – but then what the fans said came out. At that point, James went from villain to hero.

The other event that landed James in the headlines this week was his altercation with Detroit Pistons forward Isaiah Stewart. At this point everyone from former teammates like Kyle Kuzma to unaffiliated parties like Blake Griffin have weighed in on what transpired.

On Wednesday, in conversation with Tyler R. Tynes of GQ, Lakers big man Dwight Howard decided to throw his two cents into the mix as well.

“Tempers can flare in the NBA,” Howard said. “The young fella got hit in the mouth and started bleeding. In his defense, you gotta stand up for yourself. Now, was it the right time and place to do that? No. But you can’t tell somebody how to react in a moment like that.”

Big picture, Howard seemed to empathize with Stewart’s reaction.

“Now, he also did a lot,” Howard continued. “He was enraged and upset. I can’t say what he did was right, but I do understand it. Somebody hit me in my mouth and made me bleed? I’d be pissed off too. A little pride and ego probably kicked in too: you in front of 20,000 people, you bleeding from ya lip and ya eye, you don’t ever want to look like that. I get most of why his reaction was the way it was.”

Opinions will continue to vary on James’ responsibility for what happened, as evidenced by Kevin Garnett’s reaction to the whole melee. But hopefully that now that a decent amount of time has passed, all parties involved can move on with their lives and begin putting this ugly situation behind them.

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