Draymond Green Says He Deserves Special Treatment From Refs

Draymond Green Says He Deserves Special Treatment From Refs

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics 107-88 on Sunday night. In the process, they tied their best-of-seven NBA Finals series up at one game apiece.

A big reason for why Golden State dominated this outing was the super-aggressive play of Draymond Green.

Obviously the Warriors were happy with it, but not everyone else was. Both Celtics players and their extended families took issue with what they viewed as referees giving Green extra leeway to be more physical than generally allowed.

Afterward, Green was pressed on whether he felt like he was getting special treatment.

“This is the NBA Finals,” Green said.

“I wear my badge of honor. It’s not that I’m saying they necessarily treat me different. I’ve earned differential treatment. I enjoy that; I embrace that. But I’m never going to let someone stand over me.

“I’m a man first. My kids are in the stands. I don’t play like those types of games. Whatever happens at that point happens.”

Obviously opinions will vary from person-to-person on that take. Some will argue that rules are rules and should be enforced accordingly, not on an individual basis. Others will agree in theory, but then point out that the NBA has a long history of this sort of stuff and believing otherwise is naïve.

Regardless of where you come down, it’s clear that Green is getting special treatment.

By referees’ own admissions, no less.

Will that continue to be the case going forward?

Time will tell.

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