Danica Patrick’s Unique Outfit Goes Viral (Photos)

Danica Patrick’s Unique Outfit Goes Viral (Photos)

Danica Patrick is unquestionably the most successful woman to ever participate in open-wheel racing.

Her place in the lore of not just race car driving, but sports in general, is etched in stone.

Because the 40-year-old occupies such rarified air, she is often invited for certain events to offer commentary. Case in point, her recent appearance at the Indy 500.

While she was at the event, fans couldn’t help but notice something specific about Patrick’s look.

The responses largely speak for themselves:

Patrick, for what it’s worth, seemed to have a great time at the event:


Big picture, Patrick has no trouble staying relevant and in the headlines, even if she isn’t wearing anything crazy.

Whether it’s for suffering her most recent heartbreak, her provocative ‘red party’ photos or telling it how it is on Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley’s relationship – Patrick is a viral star no matter what.

What will she set the internet ablaze for next?

Time will tell.

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