Draymond Green Reveals 1 Reason He Refuses To Shoot

Draymond Green Reveals 1 Reason He Refuses To Shoot

Draymond Green is never one to bite his tongue. His bluntness and honesty is one of the reasons why he has become such a fan favorite over the years.

Whether he is calling out fat NBA players, telling stories about Drunk Klay Thompson, or snapping on the media – Green always keeps it real.

It was more of the same this week, as the 31-year-old attempted to answer a question that had been following him around all year.

That question: why are you shooting so little these days?

During a recent appearance on The Shop: Uninterrupted, Green admitted that there is one major reason why he refuses to shoot – the Warriors have someone who is significantly better at it.

“People say, ‘Draymond you should shoot!’ But if I can get Steph Curry the ball for a (expletive) shot, why would I shoot? You’re actually a (expletive) idiot for thinking I should shoot, because I can get him the shot,” Green said.

“If he’s half open, he’s better than anyone else in the world.”


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The numbers sort of bear this rationale out.

Green averaged a career high 8.9 assists per game last year while shooting a near-career low 2.0 threes per game. Clearly he is more focused on delegating than scoring himself at this juncture.

Curry benefited greatly from this in 2021, averaging a career-high 12.7 three-point field goal attempts per game while shooting over 42.1 percent from beyond the arc.

While Green’s logic makes sense, it’s also hard to ignore the fact that when the Warriors were on their title run, he was averaging double figures in points. Being a good passer is always nice, but you also need to be a scoring threat to keep defenses honest.

And it would help Curry as well. Although the 42.1 percent he shot from beyond the arc is solid, during the Warriors’ championship days he was regularly shooting significantly better percentages. That was the byproduct of not having the opposing defenses focus so squarely on him.

Green is an interesting player to keep an eye on. There is one team out there that desperately wants to swing a trade for him this offseason. If that happens, he may get new life in a fresh situation.

If it doesn’t – it will be worth watching how he alters his game for the Warriors heading into next year.

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