Draymond Green Gets Mad At Steph Curry During Warriors Game

Draymond Green Gets Mad At Steph Curry During Warriors Game

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 142-112 on Saturday night. With the win, they now hold a 2-1 series lead in their best-of-seven Western Conference semifinals showdown.

Unfortunately, the victory did not come without controversy.

The big one was obviously Ja Morant getting hurt, and all that came with it.

But a smaller issue arose midgame that largely went unnoticed until an eagle-eyed fan spotted it.

The incident largely speaks for itself:

Fans swiftly sided with Curry:

Whether he’s calling out opponents, Dwyane Wade or his own star players – Green always wears his heart on his sleeve. This was just par for the course.

Tensions tend to run high during games, and players who are exceptionally emotional like Green usually have their blood run the hottest.

More likely than not, he and Curry are fine now.

But it’s fascinating to see that no one is immune from Green’s ire. Not even the greatest shooter of all time.

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