Donovan Mitchell’s Take On ‘Opting Out’ Of Black History Month

Donovan Mitchell’s Take On ‘Opting Out’ Of Black History Month

A Utah school’s controversial policy on Black History Month has prompted Jazz star Donovan Mitchell to come out and offer his take on the entire situation.

According to Antonia Noori Farzan of the Washington Post, Maria Montessori Academy in North Ogden, Utah, gave parents of their students the option to opt-out of recognizing Black History Month.

When Mitchell caught wind of this, he felt compelled to respond.

His reaction is worth taking into account.

“I don’t know where to start…. racism is taught… and the fact that kids are being told by their own parents to not learn about black history and black excellence is sickening and sad!! And this is just part of the problem….. smh,” he tweeted.

Mitchell has never been shy to express his true thoughts on things. Whether it was his honest take on Rudy Gobert’s new deal, or his blunt reaction to Shaquille O’Neal’s criticism, or his very real assessment of Russell Westbrook – the 24-year-old simply isn’t one to bite his tongue.

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