Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill Calls Out Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs Coaches

Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill Calls Out Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs Coaches

The break-up between Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill and his former squad, the Kansas City Chiefs, is getting a bit testy.

During a recent podcast, Hill addressed his split from Kansas City and divulged some interesting tidbits regarding what led up to it.

In the process, Hill seemed to call out Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his former coaches.

The clip largely speaks for itself:

Essentially podcast co-host Julius Collins asks Hill and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, if they felt the Chiefs actively suppressed his stats to be able to retain him cheaper. The clip cuts before an answer is offered.

While it’s impossible to know at this point what was said, if Hill really does believe the coaches and team tried to keep his stats down to be able to get him on the cheap, that’s quite the indictment on his relationship with Mahomes and the staff.

To suggest that they would purposely try to mess with his career is quite the accusation.

Up to this point, Hill and Mahomes have been very cordial with one another.

Mahomes has offered his piece on Hill getting dealt away.

Hill did the same.

The assumption was that there was no beef there.

But it’s hard not to wonder if that’s still the case given the claims that are being hinted at in this podcast.

Will Hill come out and clear this matter up? Will Mahomes come out and comment on it in some capacity?

Time will tell.

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