Dolphins Fans Had Strippers Ready For Bills Game At Stadium (Video)

Dolphins Fans Had Strippers Ready For Bills Game At Stadium (Video)

The Miami Dolphins earned an extremely impressive victory over the Buffalo Bills this past week.

While everyone could objectively acknowledge that Josh Allen and Co. had some deficiencies heading Sunday’s outing, they were still the road favorites.

Not only did Miami emerge from this weekend with a win, but they sent a serious message to the rest of the league regarding just how for real they are.

Understandably, Dolphins fans are really feeling themselves these days. And nothing encapsulates their overall swagger more than the fact that they had strippers set up outside the stadium for the Bills game.

That’s next level stuff.

The videos speak for themselves:

Given the debauchery that was on display this past Sunday, fans had some strong reactions to the outtakes:

Big picture, this could be an epic year for the Dolphins. Presuming Tua Tagovailoa is okay after that big hit he took, everything is set up well for him and his squad to succeed.

Next week is a Cincinnati Bengals game that could go either way, but after that the New York Jets will be fed to Miami. Then come the Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans.

It really wouldn’t be all that shocking to see them go 7-1 or 6-2 in their next eight outings.

Everything has been coming up aces for the Dolphins as of late. One of their cheerleaders recently went mega-viral for her provocative photos. Tagovailoa’s secret wife seems to be thriving. The team is winning. Fans are getting lap dances.

All is good in the world.

How long will Miami’s hot streak ultimately continue like this?

Time will tell.

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