Dodgers Ignore Clippers, Show Love To Lakers After World Series

Dodgers Ignore Clippers, Show Love To Lakers After World Series

The Los Angeles Dodgers won their first World Series championship since 1988 on Tuesday night. It was a joyous occasion for the franchise, their fans, and LA as a whole. People immediately took to the streets, celebrating much in the same way they had when the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship just a few weeks earlier. The Lakers’ impressive victory marked their first title run in a decade.

After the Dodgers’ big World Series victory, all the other major LA sports franchises offered their congratulations on Twitter. The Lakers, Sparks, Rams, Chargers, Galaxy, LAFC and Kings all sent their best wishes.

The Dodgers acknowledged the congratulations they received from each of LA’s real and recognized sports franchises. One that went ignored? The Clippers.

Now, to be fair, hours later the Clippers did finally get acknowledged too – but it came way after everyone else. Accidental or not, the slight was fitting given where the Clippers rank in terms of the city’s sports franchises.

Clippers shade notwithstanding, the Lakers were genuinely overjoyed by the Dodgers’ big win. Multiple players took to social media to cheer them on, much in the way they had throughout the entire postseason.

Will the Clippers ever earn the respect of Los Angeles fans and truly be acknowledged as one of the city’s recognized sports teams?

Probably not.

If getting Kawhi Leonard and Paul George didn’t get folks’ attention, nothing will. If you’re team owner Steve Ballmer, it’s probably time to take a hint and move the franchise to Seattle.

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