Doc Rivers Reveals What Previous Bucks Coach Did Wrong

Doc Rivers Reveals What Previous Bucks Coach Did Wrong

Doc Rivers joined the Milwaukee Bucks after the front office decided to fire Adrian Griffin midway through the season.

While coaches getting fired isn’t shocking in the NBA, dumping a guy who went 30-13 in his first 43 games is a bit surprising.

Rivers subsequently went 3-7 in his first 10 outings as the Bucks’ new head coach. Damian Lillard recently summed up how disappointing his team’s year has been quite succinctly.

Fortunately, since that rough start, Milwaukee seems to have found its footing. The team is now 6-4 in its last 10 and has won four consecutive outings.

This week, fans got some insight into what Rivers has done to turn the Bucks around.

“You know look, one of the things that Doc told me was we got to simplify what we’re doing,” Chris Mannix said on The Crossover NBA Show.

“He said he walked into a situation where they were trying like 6,7,8 different things to be successful defensively. That’s great in theory on a chalkboard but that doesn’t really work in the game when you got to know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going in order to be effective.”

Time will tell if Rivers is right about that.

Obviously the Bucks have been hindered by a lot of issues up until now. Lillard’s messy divorce and his inability to have any semblance of chemistry with Giannis Antetokounmpo hasn’t helped.

Fortunately, the NBA season is a long one.

Will this be the year Rivers and Lillard bring another title to Milwaukee? An answer one way or the other will emerge soon enough.

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