Did Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen Sit Together At Paul Pierce’s HOF Ceremony?

Did Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen Sit Together At Paul Pierce’s HOF Ceremony?

The ongoing feud between Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen is one of the NBA’s more intriguing beefs.

Back in the day, Garnett and Allen were both part of the original Big Three with the Boston Celtics. They won a single title together in 2008, but never again.

Four years later, in 2012, Allen left the Celtics and linked up with their biggest rivals at the time, the Miami Heat, with whom he went on to win another championship.

Garnett never forgave him. He would spend the next few years mercilessly disrespecting his former teammate for the decision.

Allen, for his part, has consistently maintained that Garnett’s reaction was overkill.

“So let me see if I got this straight,” Allen wrote in his 2018 memoir, From the Outside: My Journey Through Life and the Game I Love. “You want to pay me less money. You want to bring me off the bench. You want to continue to run the offense around [Rajon] Rondo. Now tell me again exactly why I would want to sign this contract?”

This past week the final piece of Boston’s Big Three, Paul Pierce, was inducted into the Hall of Fame. While Pierce’s speech was sure to be memorable, what everyone was most looking forward to was the promise that Garnett and Allen would be sitting together for the ceremony.

So did they sit together? Unfortunately not. This video tells the whole story:

Garnett is known for having some really strong opinions. He loves throwing the word “snake” around when it comes to his enemies.

Allen, similarly, isn’t one to bite his tongue.

Because they’re both so strong-willed, it’s hard to see this feud ending any time soon.

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