Denver Broncos Will Cut Joe Flacco

Denver Broncos Will Cut Joe Flacco

Denver Broncos Will Cut Joe Flacco

The Denver Broncos will cut Joe Flacco. It is the only move the team has left at this point in the game.

When the Broncos originally acquired Flacco from the Baltimore Ravens, the decision was met with skepticism.

The argument in favor of it was clear. Theoretically Flacco would lend a certain amount of credibility and stability to a position that Denver had struggled to adequately fill since Peyton Manning’s departure.

Flacco had a lot of name recognition, after all. In his rookie season he had led Baltimore to the AFC Championship Game before ultimately winning a Super Bowl in 2012.

However, anyone who had actually watched Flacco for the past few seasons knew he did not have much left in the tank.

Surely enough, Flacco’s inaugural campaign in Denver was a disaster. He went 2-6 as a starter, missed half the year due to injuries and promptly lost the starting spot to youngster Drew Lock.

The Broncos have already committed to Lock as next year’s starter, leaving them in an awkward situation as it pertains to Flacco.

Essentially, Flacco is on the books for $20 million next season with pretty much zero prospects of seeing any time on the field. The only logical move left, it would seem, would be to cut him.

If the Broncos got rid of Flacco then they could free up roughly $10 million cap space.

With Flacco at the helm, Denver went 5-8. As soon as he got hurt and Lock got his chance to shine, the Broncos ended the season 4-1.

On the year, Flacco finished with 1,882 yards and six touchdowns while completing 65 percent of his passes. If he does get cut by Denver, it is hard to see a scenario where last year’s performance earns him a starting spot anywhere else in the NFL.

More likely than not, if Flacco does want to continue playing, he will have to settle into a backup role for one of the league’s young, emerging superstar quarterbacks.

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  1. Flacco has declined and Denver is not a good fit. Having watched Flacco in Baltimore for years, he’s always been a frustrating regular season QB. However, something magical always happened in the post-season and not by accident. He rises above others because he plays exceptionally in bad weather. His hands are huge and he rarely shows off his gun, but when he has to, he can slice a ball through wind, rain, and snow. A bad weather AFC team (most have outdoor stadiums) is where he belongs and should ride the bench. Break glass if necessary in the post season, Flacco will rise to that occasion. He always has. New England would be the perfect spot for him.

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