Denver Broncos Make Surprising 2020 Quarterback Decision

Denver Broncos Make Surprising 2020 Quarterback Decision

Denver Broncos Make Surprising 2020 Quarterback Decision

The Denver Broncos made a surprising 2020 quarterback decision this week.

Generally speaking, teams that perform as poorly as Denver did this past season spend the summer looking for every possible way to get better.

Given how big of a weakness the quarterback position was for the Broncos, it would make sense for them to explore all possible upgrade options.

Apparently that will not be happening.

On Monday, team president John Elway announced that it would be “unrealistic” to expect a starting quarterback other than Drew Lock next year.

Lock went 4-1 as Denver’s quarterback down the stretch, ultimately recording seven touchdowns and three picks in that span.

While his starting record is obviously a good one, Lock did not do much to prove that he could be a star quarterback in the NFL. In three of five games, he threw for less than 200 yards.

Clearly Lock is the right choice if that process is limited to just picking between him and Joe Flacco, but it is odd that Denver would not open up the search beyond that.

Denver finished the season 7-9, good for second in the AFC West.

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  1. I could not let this go unchecked! Lock is a rookie who was coming off of a injury when he was made the starter. And while the yardage totals for 4 of the 5 games were not mind blowing, I think a look at the bigger picture is needed.

    He went 4-1 as the starter and he did so with the youngest offense in the NFL. He also did so with a make-shift Offensive Line that is still a work in progress. The 3 top WR’s all were in their rookie or 2nd year. The TE was a rookie. The top two RB’s were in their 2nd year. He also had a completely new coaching staff.

    Let me ask you the following, how did the guy who is probably going to be the MVP of the league (Lamar Jackson) do last season in his rookie year with a far more experienced offense?

    The decision to anoint Lock the starter is a good one. The players rally around him and he has that locker room behind him. The Broncos made the right decision to commit to building around him. If they did not do so, they risk losing the locker room. Going 4-1 as a rookie starter is nothing to balk at. And you clearly missed the Houston game where he was outstanding and set a record.

  2. Every year in the draft are 3 to 4 marquee quarterbacks.for nfl.teams..denver has to have one of them..joe.b.of Lsu…id trade the sink.for him..hes a hall of fame qb…if Dallas or Denver can’t see this..they will stay 8 and 8 for the next 5 years…somebody..better trade the sink.for Joe b.Lsu
    ..he in cinncy.for sure..trades will happen for him..denver.has to get a hall.quarterback..rj

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