DeMarcus Cousins Gets Honest About No NBA Teams Wanting Him

DeMarcus Cousins Gets Honest About No NBA Teams Wanting Him

DeMarcus Cousins was at one point in his career arguably the best center in the NBA.

Unfortunately, injuries wound up robbing him of his altheticism and ability to stay on the floor consistently.

This year, despite a valiant effort with the Denver Nuggets in a backup capacity last season, he remains unsigned.

During a recent appearance on Sirius XM NBA Radio, Cousins got brutally honest about the topic of no teams actually wanting him.

“That’s honestly my biggest issue,” he said of nobody giving him a real reason regarding why he remains unsigned.

“That’s kind of the untold secret of the NBA: you never really get an honest answer. I’m the type of guy that whenever I go through my hard times, my hardships, I look at myself first. What can I do to better myself? That’s something I pride myself on.

Cousins didn’t stop there.

“I’ve asked many questions, I’ve reached out to former teams. I kind of get sugar-coated answers,” he went on.

“I can never really get the raw honest truth. I’ve struggled with that as well. I would love to get a real answer.”

One of the issues with Cousins, of course, is also his attitude. His recent comments about Chris Paul were as good of an example of that as any.

He isn’t just some veteran looking to fit in – Cousins also has a very strong personality.

If Cousins does land somewhere this year, it will be one of three teams he has been linked to over the past few months.

But nothing is guaranteed at this point.

Will Cousins ultimately get another shot in the NBA at some point before he is forced to retire? Time will tell.

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