DeMar DeRozan Tells A Savage Kobe Bryant Story

DeMar DeRozan Tells A Savage Kobe Bryant Story

Chicago Bulls star and LA native DeMar DeRozan always had a very close bond with Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

Because of that, DeRozan has over the years shared a number of fascinating stories about Bryant that many in the public weren’t previously privy to.

It was more of the same this week.

During an appearance on Serge Ibaka’s How Hungry Are You? show, DeRozan offered up an absolute doozy.

“The relationship we had, I always wore his shoes. I remember walking out and the first thing he did was looking at my feet. I was like, ‘Nah, I’m not wearing his shoes and playing against the Lakers tonight’, so I wore Jordans,” DeRozan said.

“He said, ‘the f*** you got those on for?’ He was mad at me for doing that and he ended up hitting the game-winner on us that night, too. Talking trash the whole night and everything. Ever since then, I never put another pair of Jordans on.”

Whether he’s explaining why the Lakers decided to shadily pass on him this past summer or how he truly felt about the Kawhi Leonard situation in Toronto – DeRozan always keeps it real.

And he really knows how to tell a story.

It will be interesting to see what nuggets he opts to drop in future interviews.

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