DeAndre Hopkins Responds To Texans Coach Bill O’Brien

DeAndre Hopkins Responds To Texans Coach Bill O’Brien

DeAndre Hopkins Responds To Texans Coach Bill O’Brien

DeAndre Hopkins responded to Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien on Wednesday morning in a way nobody saw coming.

Earlier in the day, former NFL wide receiver Michael Irvin appeared on ESPN’s Get Up and relayed a story about O’Brien’s treatment of Hopkins.

Essentially, according to Irvin, the Texans head coach compared his star wide receiver to Aaron Hernandez due to some issue with him and the mothers of his children.

Given that Houston had just traded Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals for essentially spare parts, the poor relationship between player and coach described by Irvin suddenly put everything in a whole new light.

Shortly after Irvin’s comments went viral, Hopkins came out and attempted to diffuse the situation.

“This is being blown way out of proportion. As I’ve said before, I enjoyed and am proud of my time with the Texans,” Hopkins said.

“I have the utmost respect for Coach O’Brien and that will not change.  Now, I’m ready to play for the Cardinals.”

While Hopkins’ efforts to minimize the situation are admirable, this entire mess still looks horrible for O’Brien. It will be worth keeping an eye on whether anything actually comes of this entire mess in the way of ramifications for the Texans head coach.

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