Washington Redskins Preparing To Trade for Cam Newton

Washington Redskins Preparing To Trade for Cam Newton

Washington Redskins Preparing To Trade for Cam Newton

Are the Washington Redskins preparing to trade for Cam Newton? Things are trending in that direction, but nothing is set in stone.

According to ESPN NFL insider Josina Anderson, various members of Washington’s leadership team have discussed the idea of bringing Newton in. That includes his former head coach and new Redskins head coach, Ron Rivera.

The situation up to this point has been described as “wait and see.”

On Tuesday, the Carolina Panthers made headlines when they revealed that Newton had been given permission to seek out a trade. Shortly thereafter, the team came to an agreement with free agent quarterback Teddy Bridgewater on a three-year, $63 million deal.

Bridgewater’s signing effectively ends Newton’s time in Carolina.

The big question surrounding Newton now is his health. At his peak, any team in the league would be happy to have him. He is a former league MVP, after all. Unfortunately, the past few seasons Newton has been hampered by an assortment of injuries.

Moving Newton would be in everyone’s best interests, it would appear.

If the Panthers get rid of him via trade or signing, the organization would get $19.1 million in cap relief.

Unfortunately, while uncertainty remains around Newton’s right shoulder, it will be difficult finding a dance partner in any trade.

That begs the question: what would Washington give up for a potentially hobbled Newton? The Redskins are already without a second round draft pick, so giving up any of the team’s remaining seven picks seems unlikely.

Moreover, what would a potential Newton signing mean for soon-to-be second-year quarterback Dwayne Haskins?

The next few weeks should be very interesting, that is for sure.

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