Daryl Morey Fined $50K Over James Harden Tweet

Daryl Morey Fined $50K Over James Harden Tweet

Daryl Morey was fined $50,000 on Monday for violating the NBA’s anti-tampering policy.

Back on Dec. 20, Morey sent out a tweet congratulating James Harden on the one-year anniversary of him breaking the Houston Rockets’ franchise assist record.

Daryl Morey Fined $50K Over James Harden Tweet
Daryl Morey Fined $50K Over James Harden Tweet

Rockets CEO Tad Brown did not take kindly to Morey’s actions, tweeting an emoji with raised eyebrows and a hand rubbing the chin.

Morey subsequently deleted the tweet.

Because of the relationship Morey and Harden had in Houston and the latter’s desire to be traded, it is easy to see why the league felt the need to intervene.

Morey was hired by the Philadelphia 76ers this past offseason less than two weeks after he resigned as the Rockets’ general manager.

Prior to his departure, Morey served as Houston’s GM for 13 years.

As far as the offending tweet goes — Morey told the NBA it was an inadvertent post from an automated app. Clearly that did not do much to change the league’s impression that it was inappropriate and deserved punishment.

Harden’s preferred trade destination was initially the Brooklyn Nets. However, it now appears as though a deal between them and Houston cannot be worked out, opening the door for Morey’s Sixers as well as a handful of other clubs.

Will Morey’s tweet ultimately have any bearing on what happens with Harden?

Time will tell.

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