Danica Patrick’s Wild Christmas Pajamas Cause A Stir (Photos)

Danica Patrick’s Wild Christmas Pajamas Cause A Stir (Photos)

Danica Patrick’s wild Christmas outfit caused something of a stir this week.

As inarguably the greatest female open-wheel driver in racing history, Patrick’s place in sports lore is more than secure. That said, what really separates her from many of her peers is her successful monetization of her celebrity both during her active competition days and in retirement.

These days, someone like Olivia Dunne rakes in seven figures annually off things like her see-through outfits and provocative bath tub photos. But once upon a time, it was Patrick who paved the way for that kind of cashing in on one’s looks and influence.

Along the way, Patrick amassed a major following on social media. These days any time she does anything, it goes viral. Case in point: her Christmas outfit this past week. To say that it caused a massive stir would be an understatement.

Danica Patrick’s Wild Christmas Pajamas Cause A Stir (Photos) 1

Patrick also shared some photos with her family in pajamas with her adoring fans:


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Obviously Patrick caused a bit of a ruckus earlier this month when she offered a strong political opinion.

“I am not a liberal. I am somewhere between Republican and independent,” she said.

“I think our country should be run by someone that knows business and has integrity. I believe we should be able to speak freely. I don’t think our food and skies should be poisoned. I think it’s bullsh*t that Democrats can be proud but a Republican can’t in society.

“As a result, there is so much propaganda that penetrates mainstream media. I love this country and I have lived other places. I believe when people of different opinions speak face to face we realize we are more similar than different. I don’t believe everything anyone says.”

That said, it is unlikely to change fan perception of her.

People that love Patrick will continue to do so. People who don’t, won’t.

By any objective measure Patrick had a massive 2023. What will 2024 have in stock for her? Time will tell.

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