Damian Lillard’s Reaction To Durant Leaving Westbrook Out Of Top 5

Damian Lillard’s Reaction To Durant Leaving Westbrook Out Of Top 5

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have had a very interesting relationship throughout the years. The pair clearly has a decent amount of respect for one another, but it’s still a complicated dynamic.

Things got even weirder this week, when Kevin Durant appeared on Barstool Sports’ Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast and seemingly left Westbrook out of his top five teammates he ever played with.

First he named Kyrie Irving. Then James Harden, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. When it came time to name the fifth, Durant struggled.

“I’m gonna go with Serge Ibaka,” Durant said.

It was so surprising that even the hosts of the show were taken aback.

Of course, Durant added Westbrook when he was reminded, but the fact that he forgot him to begin with did not go unnoticed.

One person whose attention it caught? Portland Trail Blazers star, Damian Lillard.

Lillard is never one to bite his tongue. Whether he’s weighing in on his team’s title chances, straight up bashing super teams, or opening up about his biggest flaw – he always keeps it real. So his reaction shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

That said, it will be interesting to see how Durant responds to it. He is notoriously sensitive to even the slightest criticism, so it wouldn’t be shocking at all if wasn’t particularly happy with Lillard today.

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