Dak Prescott’s LSU Star Girlfriend’s Hotel Room Photos Cause A Stir

Dak Prescott’s LSU Star Girlfriend’s Hotel Room Photos Cause A Stir

Dak Prescott is fresh off a disappointing campaign with the Dallas Cowboys.

Although he and the team advanced further in the playoffs than they had otherwise in recent years, that is only because the franchise hadn’t been out of the Wild Card round since 2018.

So in that respect the Cowboys improved a little, but the expectation coming into 2022-23 was a legitimate postseason run. That never materialized.

While Prescott’s professional life has seen better days, his personal affairs seem to be going swimmingly. He is reportedly dating an LSU star athlete and completely over his ex-girlfriend Natalie Buffett, who was quite the celebrity in her own right.

This week Prescott’s new lady, Jadyn Jannasch, shared some wild hotel room photos on social media.

“So stunning,” one person wrote.

“I’m in love,” another agreed.

“Girl, you look so good,” a third fan added.

It’s also hard to ignore what caption Jannasch put on the photos.

“Throw me something,” she wrote.

Quite the play on words given that she is being linked to one of the most prominent quarterbacks in the NFL today.

As one might expect, the activity on Jannasch’s social media posts has been through the roof in recent weeks.

Big picture, it’s obviously anyone’s guess how long Jannasch and Prescott will be linked together in this fashion. Relationships are fleeting in this world.

Yes, Olivia Holzmacher just shared some photos of what she and Joe Burrow are doing this offseason. And yes, Baker Mayfield’s wife recently shared some provocative imagery as well. But those are the exceptions to the rule.

You either break up or you get married.

And it’s hard to see Prescott and Jannasch making this a long-term thing.

Who knows, though? Honestly, at this point, it really wouldn’t be all that shocking to see Jannasch get a ring from Prescott before he wins one with the Cowboys.

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