Dak Prescott’s Girlfriend’s Wild Photos Go Viral After Cowboys Win

Dak Prescott’s Girlfriend’s Wild Photos Go Viral After Cowboys Win

Dak Prescott’s girlfriend saw her wild photos go viral this week after the Dallas Cowboys’ latest win.

Three weeks into the NFL season, Prescott’s squad looks like arguably the best in the league. Fresh off spanking the New York Giants by 40 points on their own field, Dallas welcomed the New York Jets to town and blew them out by 20.

While you obviously don’t want to read too much into the first two games of the season, especially when they were against the notoriously overrated New York squads, there is no denying the Cowboys looked impressive.

Prescott isn’t just having a strong season on the field, though. He is doing quite well for himself off it as well.

This week, following the Cowboys’ most recent win, Prescott’s girlfriend, Sarah Jane Ramos, saw her wild photos go viral.

Not too long ago, Prescott was being linked to a prominent LSU star with a propensity for posting provocative photos on social media. It appears that he has since moved on, though.

Prescott also made headlines recently for his ‘good luck charm’ at games being a woman with something of a colorful online history.

Female stuff aside, though – Presscott looks great so far this year. While his stats aren’t jumping off the page relative to some of the league’s elite quarterbacks, he is managing the game well and hasn’t thrown a single interception.

In the process, the Cowboys have quietly looked like one of the NFL’s best teams so far this year.

Will Dallas be able to keep this momentum going as the season trucks along?

Time will tell, but either way, Prescott’s girlfriend will likely be a permanent fixture at Cowboys games as the year progresses.

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