Dak Prescott’s ‘Special Friend’ From Cowboys Game Identified (Photos)

Dak Prescott’s ‘Special Friend’ From Cowboys Game Identified (Photos)

Dak Prescott’s ‘special friend’ from a recent Dallas Cowboys game was identified this past week.

The big story coming out of Sunday was how badly Prescott and his squad destroyed the New York Giants. Not only did they win – they dominated.

Dallas came into the Giants’ own house and blew them out by 40 in a nationally televised game. It was truly impressive.

Because of how uncompetitive the outing itself was, fans at home had to find a different way to amuse themselves. Midway through the game, a photo of Prescott with a ‘special friend’ went viral.

Dak Prescott’s ‘Special Friend’ From Cowboys Game Identified (Photos) 1

With social media what it is nowadays, it didn’t take long for the woman in the photo to be identified as Pawg Emily.

“Cowboys Fans Believe Pawg Emily Was Dak Prescott’s Good Luck Charm Against Giants,” one headline read in the aftermath.

As it turns out, she is a very popular social media influencer and performer who produces a lot of very colorful content.

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While Emily is no doubt a fan of Prescott’s work, he is a taken man. His girlfriend, LSU star Jadyn Jannasch, went viral recently over her wild outfit choice to a recent Cowboys game.

She too has a very active social media presence.

In a week where Trevor Lawrence’s wife set the internet ablaze with her outfit to his game and Baker Mayfield’s wife melted the internet with her choice of attire to his game, it’s telling that Prescott and the ladies in his life stole the headlines in this particular fashion.

He remains arguably the biggest quarterback star in the NFL outside of Patrick Mahomes.

Big picture, Prescott’s season got off to an excellent beginning against the Giants. He didn’t have to do a ton personally, but he definitely contributed to Tony Pollard’s two-touchdown showing.

And in the end, his team won by 40 on the road.

What sort of year will Prescott ultimately have with the Cowboys in 2023? Time will tell.

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