Cowboys Legend Gives Surprising Take On Dak Prescott

Cowboys Legend Gives Surprising Take On Dak Prescott

Cowboys Legend Gives Surprising Take On Dak Prescott

A Cowboys legend gave a surprising take on Dak Prescott recently.

Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman offered his thoughts on NFL Free Agency.

Prescott is currently coming off the best year of his career, but he seems to be struggling to come to terms with Dallas.

Despite Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones saying that re-signing Prescott is a priority, that has not manifested itself in a deal getting done.

Prescott has repeatedly said that he does not want to be franchise tagged by Dallas, but it is looking increasingly like that he will be.

Aikman believes that despite any initial roadblocks, the Cowboys and Prescott will reach a resolution sooner rather than later.

“I think he, first and foremost, would want to be there because it would make him better,” Aikman said during an interview with 96.7 FM/1310 AM The Ticket.

“And then secondly, he would want to be there for his teammates, and I’m not sure that one takes priority over the other.

“My guess is they work something out.

In Aikman’s estimation, although things have not gone perfectly up to this point – they will ultimately end up getting resolved.

“I don’t know this, but it would seem that they probably could have gotten a deal done earlier for what ultimately would be a little less than what they are probably going to have to do it for now.”

Furthermore, Aikman also thinks getting Prescott back is a big priority for new head coach Mike McCarthy.

“I think the Cowboys, they’ve said it, I believe they really want him back. I have no reason to think otherwise,” he said.

“I believe Mike McCarthy really wants him back. Dak wants to be there. I think it’s inevitable that they are going to reach a deal. I think everyone understands that he’s the quarterback of the future.”

If the Cowboys and Prescott are going to get something done, they will need to do it soon. If they cannot, then a franchise tag becomes the only possible solution.

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