Cowboys Issue Unexpected Update on Dak Prescott Injury

Cowboys Issue Unexpected Update on Dak Prescott Injury

Cowboys Issue Unexpected Update on Dak Prescott Injury

The Cowboys issued an unexpected update on the Dak Prescott injury this week.

Prescott, 26, is in the midst of a career-best season.

So far this season he has recorded a career-high 4,334 yards and 26 scores.

He is doing his damage on 65.5 percent completion and is averaging 8.4 yards per attempt and 12.7 yards per completion. Both are also career highs.

Moreover, Prescott is also being safe with the football. On the season, he has thrown for only 11 picks and hi sack percentage is at a career low.

Heck, Prescott is even running the ball effectively – recording 235 yards and three touchdowns on 48 carries.

The Cowboys’ offense has largely gone as Prescott has gone all year long. When he’s on top of it, the offense is rolling. When he’s off, so is the rest of the team.

As such, it is a bit problematic that heading into Dallas’ biggest game of the year their star quarterback has an injured shoulder.

Thus far Prescott has yet to participate in a full practice this week.

The stakes are high this weekend. If the Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles, the secure a playoff berth. A loss would mean they no longer control their own destiny, and would need a victory the following week along with a Philly loss.

So what is Prescott’s status heading into the big game? Well, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, he will likely play.

“The Cowboys had practice today, and it does not sound based on those there, that Dak Prescott did much of anything,” he said.

“Jason Garrett said it would be another rest day on this right shoulder. Dak Prescott is battling an AC joint sprain… He was severely limited in the game and in a lot of pain after that.

“Jerry Jones was on local radio and expressed supreme confidence that Dak Prescott would be fine by Sunday. I’ve heard the same thing. The Cowboys believe he is sore, but should be okay. Clearly though, tomorrow will be a big day assuming that Dak Prescott finally throws.”

At this point, is seems fairly clear that the plan is for Prescott to play no matter what. How effective will he actually be, though? That is a question we are likely to get an answer to fairly quickly once the game begins.

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  1. Letting Dak play seems foolish. He could further damage his shoulder, especially given the power with which he hurls the ball. Now this is coming from an Eagles fan, and I’m not saying this from a Philly win standpoint; it’s my understanding that the backup QB is fairly decent and would stand-in well for Dak. Keep in mind that the Eagles are a battered bunch and with Dak playing, we don’t have a great chance. It wouldn’t make sense to risk it and weaken him for playoff hopes.

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