Cowboys Release Unexpected Update on Dak Prescott’s Injury

Cowboys Release Unexpected Update on Dak Prescott's Injury

Cowboys Issue Surprising Dak Prescott Injury Update

The Cowboys issued a surprising Dak Prescott injury update on Wednesday.

Last week Prescott injured his index finger and sprained his left wrist in a loss to the Chicago Bears.

Heading into this week’s showdown against the Los Angeles Rams, many have wondered whether Dallas’ star quarterback would be at a hundred percent.

It appears the answer to that is yes.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Prescott indicated that he would be good to go for the LA game.

“My hands usually take a beating,” Prescott said.

“They’re good. We’re good to go. They feel great right now.”

This weekend’s showdown is a big one for the Cowboys. If they can win both this game against LA and next week’s outing against the Philadelphia Eagles, they lock up the NFC East for good.

If not – the division is up for grabs and Philly might stumble backwards into winning it.

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