NFL Issues Surprising Colin Kaepernick Statement

NFL Issues Surprising Colin Kaepernick Statement

NFL Issues Surprising Colin Kaepernick Statement

The NFL issued a surprising Colin Kaepernick statement on Wednesday.

Last month Kaepernick and the league made waves when it was announced that he would participate in a special workout.

The workout was supposed to showcase his abilities to interested parties, and was viewed by many as the league’s way of allowing teams to work with him again.

Unfortunately, due to a disagreement over liability waivers, things did not go according to plan.

On the day of the scheduled workout, Kaepernick called an audible and refused to show up at the pre-decided Atlanta, Georgia, meeting grounds.

Instead he invited everyone 60 miles in the other direction to a location of his choice.

Ultimately the 20+ team that were reportedly planning to show up the original workout reportedly turned into six or seven following the venue change.

In the aftermath, critics said that Kaepernick’s last-second switch was indicative of the general problems surrounding him. He did not receive any subsequent offers from any teams.

On Wednesday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about what transpired with Kaepernick, and he had some harsh words for the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback.

Goodell said that the workout was a “credible” opportunity that Kaepernick opted “not to take.” He then insisted that the league had moved on.

“It was about opportunity, a credible opportunity,” Goodell answered.

“He chose not to take it, and I understand that.”

While people may disagree on whether or not Kaepernick truly belongs in the NFL at this point, there is no denying that he did not do himself any favors with the botched workout.

Will Kaepernick ultimately ever play in the NFL again? The hope for that dims with every passing day.

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