Cowboys Interested In Bizarre Coaching Candidate

Cowboys Interested In Bizarre Coaching Candidate

Cowboys Interested In Bizarre Coaching Candidate

The Cowboys are interested in a bizarre coaching candidate.

Up to this point, the names mentioned to replace Jason Garrett have been fairly understandable.

Urban Meyer is a college football legend. Lincoln Riley is a quarterback whisperer and one of the best young collegiate coaches in the game.

Mike McCarthy is a Super Bowl champ. Mike Zimmer has enjoyed success with the Minnesota Vikings and is an old Dallas coordinator.

All of those guys, at least one paper, have a decent case to take over for Garrett.

On Saturday, a new candidate tossed his hat into the mix.

According to NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport, Dallas will also be interviewing former Cincinnati Bengals head coach.

Given that one of the big issues of Garrett’s decade-long reign has been his perpetual mediocrity and lack of playoff success, Lewis is an odd choice.

The 61-year-old Lewis was the Bengals’ head coach from 2003 to 2018. In that time he went 131-122-3, and won exactly 0 of his seven playoff appearances.

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  1. Time to shake a few things up in Dallas ,and see what happens. We went 8-8 this year no playoffs!!! What the worse that could hapoen?? A 8-8 season or super bowl!!!!??? Think about it.

  2. There is a reason I am not a Bengals fan living in Dayton Ohio. It is Marvin Lewis. He is a terrible coach and proof is in the pathetic state of the Bengals the past decade. JJ, you are going senile if you even consider Marvin

    1. Marvin Lewis proven loser..Mike McCarthy won some only cuz he had great players..his style of coaching might help some ways but hurt in others..hes a conservative coach not what cowboys need!..urban meyer my choice so far!

  3. Marvin is ONLY interviewing because of the dumbass Rooney Rule. It accomplishes nothing but waste the time of people who have no real chance at getting the position

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