Cowboys Coach Makes Odd Dak Prescott Admission

Cowboys Coach Makes Odd Dak Prescott Admission

Cowboys Coach Makes Odd Dak Prescott Admission

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy made an odd Dak Prescott admission this week.

McCarthy was officially named Jason Garrett’s replacement on Wednesday at a big introductory press conference. He made a big point about how he was going to hit the ground running, building a quality staff and all that.

Given that McCarthy was planning to get off to such an aggressive start, most assumed that would include reaching out to the team’s stars. Building some sort of chemistry with them and whatnot.

Apparently not.

According to NFL reporter Jane Slater, McCarthy had not yet spoken with Prescott as of Friday.

Prescott was arguably Dallas’ best player in 2019 and will likely be a franchise cornerstone for many years to come. McCarthy not taking the time to at least reach out to him to say hello is odd, to say the least.

What makes it even weirder is that McCarthy knows the one blemish on his record is the way his relationship with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers deteriorated towards the end.

With that in mind, it would seem like the natural inclination should be for him to do everything in his power to make sure history does not repeat itself with a new quarterback.

Obviously Prescott and McCarthy will speak at some point between and now training camp starting. But frankly, it is something that probably should have already happened.

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  1. MM is the head coach, Dak is one of many players. It is not a coaches job to contact the players and introduce himself. After all, he is a little bit busy trying to put together a team of coaches, which may not be easy knowing they are really working for JJ.

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