Tom Brady Choosing Surprising Team For 2020

Tom Brady Choosing Surprising Team For 2020

Tom Brady Choosing Surprising Team For 2020

Tom Brady is choosing a surprising team for 2020.

That is the prediction that ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter essentially offered this week during a radio interview.

Appearing on WEEI’s Greg Hill Show this past Thursday, Schefter suggested that Brady’s decision would be shaped by a lot of factors unrelated to football.

“Where is his family going to be happy, where is the TB12 brand going to grow, where does my family want to live, and what team has the type of supporting cast I feel I can compete with?” he said.

Furthermore, Schefter noted that if Brady does leave New England, it may be for a team that nobody is really talking about right now.

The Los Angeles Chargers have long been considered as the favorites to land Brady if he departs from the Patriots.

They check a lot of boxes in terms of geography, family and growing the brand.

Where will Brady ultimately end up in 2020? A decision will likely be made in the coming month.

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