Cowboys Are Firing Jason Garrett

Cowboys Are Firing Jason Garrett

Cowboys Are Firing Jason Garrett

The Dallas Cowboys are firing Jason Garrett, that much is clear.

Garrett, 53, has exhausted all his abilities over the course of his nine years at the helm. At this point, it has become painfully clear that he is not the person who will take Dallas to the next level.

Since taking over in 2010, Garrett has put up an 83-64 record and has reached the postseason a mere three times.

In those three playoff showings, he has won two games – never advancing past the divisional round.

That is simply not acceptable for a franchise that spends as much money and generates as many headlines as the Cowboys.

This past Sunday, Garrett’s group fell to the New England Patriots 13-9.

Through 11 games, the Cowboys’ record now sits at 6-5.

Those six wins came against an Eli Manning-led New York Giants team, the terrible Washington Redskins, the even worse Miami Dolphins, the inconsistent Philadelphia Eagles, a Giants team with a rookie quarterback and the mediocre Detroit Lions.

Meanwhile, the team’s five losses came against a New Orleans Saints team with no Drew Brees, the Green Bay Packers, the awful New York Jets, the Minnesota Vikings and New England.

What do those wins and losses tell us? Well, they tell us that while Dallas will lose to both terrible teams and good teams, they simply cannot beat anyone of note.

Their already unimpressive record has been totally padded, and the only reason they are sitting atop the NFC East is because it is arguably the worst division in football.

Jerry Jones has not offered Garrett a new contract, and many have wondered why that is the case.

It is the case because sometimes the right answer is the simplest answer: he is done with Garrett and is ready to move on.

Will Dallas fire Garrett before the season ends? It is hard to say for certain. But if he racks up a few more losses in the same fashion he did today versus New England – it certainly would not be surprising if they did.

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