Conor McGregor Alleged Cheating Video Goes Viral

Conor McGregor Alleged Cheating Video Goes Viral

Conor McGregor Alleged Cheating Video Goes Viral

A video that originated on Twitter purporting to show Conor McGregor cheating with some unknown woman has gone viral.

Although the clip spread like wildfire, it is unclear if it actually shows what it claims to.

In the clip, a woman can be seen holding a recording device of some sort beside a sleeping man. She seems to suggest that the man in question is McGregor, but that has not been corroborated in any fashion.

Based on the way the camera is held and the quality of the video, it is not immediately evident whether the sleeping man possesses any of McGregor’s tattoos.

While some are sure that the video captures McGregor red-handed in the embrace of a strange woman, others say that there are rational explanations for it.

Some believe that the man in the video quite clearly is not McGregor. Others say it is, but that the woman suggesting that the woman had simply snuck into his room while he was sleeping.

Until McGregor or someone close to him comes out and comments on the clip in some capacity, it will be impossible to say for certain how legitimate or illegitimate it truly is.

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    1. The people who bothered to publish this garbage should get a new career. That totally isn’t McGregor. No ratios on his left arm!!! That girl is a pos and so are the people putting this crap out there! I hope Conor sues these mofo’s!

  1. That is not mcgregor look at his left there is no tattoo but if you look at his right there is a tattoo so here is a good question why are you trying to destroy the man’s life not cool

    1. If this was true then why didn’t she? Getting in the picture. When she took it. To prove that it happened. So everybody don’t believe what you read.

  2. If this was true then why didn’t she? And then the picture when she took it next to him. You can tell them they are two separate pictures. So this is fake. As hell

  3. Man people are stupid and don’t think this guy has not one fucking tattoo not on his back or his left arm. Conor has a sleeve on his left arm this guy is not Conor and I’m sorry but that girl is jacked! People need to pay the fuck attention before they start shit

    1. The video is mirrored so what appears to be his right arm with the tattoos and watch on is actually his left arm. You can clearly see the tattoo on the back of his neck too.

      The original was deleted so someone else grabbed it and uploaded it mirrored. It’s definitely Conor.

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