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College Football Reporter Kasey Funderburg Out Over Tweets (Photos)

College Football Reporter Kasey Funderburg Out Over Tweets (Photos)

College sports reporter Kasey Funderburg resigned from her position this week after a series of controversial tweets came to light.

Funderburg initially fell under scrutiny after herself calling out a joke about Tennessee fans painting their faces black at a recent Vols game.

“A person who thinks it’s funny to put out that Tennessee is asking fans to wear blackface is disgusting,” she tweeted. “This is where I stand.”

That led to folks on Twitter digging into her tweets. At that point, folks uncovered messages from a few years ago where she used derogatory language.

Funderburg is reportedly 26 years old right now. That would mean she was somewhere in the 17 to 19 years old range when the aforementioned tweets were posted.

She has since made her social media private.

There is currently an online petition to bring Funderburg back, but it is unclear whether it will have any sort of impact on anyone.

Funderburg isn’t the first person to get swept up in a controversy of this nature. Earlier this year, NFL media personality Annie Agar also found herself in hot water over her past tweets. She would eventually apologize.

In a college sports year filled with cameramen zooming in on hot fans at Florida games, cheerleaders going wild and refs openly cheating in plain view of the cameras – nothing is surprising anymore.

This most recent debacle is just par for the course.

Funderburg’s unfortunate misstep here will inevitably lead to folks getting a refresher on two key social media lessons.

First, before getting into the mud with folks on Twitter, be sure you really want to.

And two, if you decide you really want to, make sure there are no easily accessible skeletons in your closet either. Because if they are out there – folks will find them.

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