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College Football Coach’s Shirtless Photo With Cheerleaders Gets Deleted

College Football Coach’s Shirtless Photo With Cheerleaders Gets Deleted

A college football coach’s shirtless photo with his school’s cheerleaders caused something of a stir this week.

Not long after it was posted online, it was promptly deleted.

The coach in question, Tim Beck of Coastal Carolina, has yet to comment on the situation. But the swift removal of the photo of him and the cheerleaders speaks for itself.

The photo didn’t leave a ton of room for interpretation:

This has been a busy week in football. Between Colorado State’s coach Jay Norvell’s wife using a 1-word slur on Shedeur Sanders and a UCLA cheerleader’s provocative photos going viral, it has been one thing after another.

Still, this Coastal Carolina situation has somehow managed to steal the show. Fans couldn’t get over it on social media:

Big picture, this was a huge error in judgement on the part of everyone involved.

The photo, however it was meant to be presented, didn’t land in the spirit it was intended.

Beck is to blame for participating, but so is everyone else who partook.

Will Coastal Carolina offer an official statement on this debacle one way or the other? Time will tell.

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