College Basketball Fan’s Encounter With Girl Goes Viral (Video)

College Basketball Fan’s Encounter With Girl Goes Viral (Video)

Boston College escaped with a hard-fought victory over Detroit on Friday, but the game was lost in the shuffle of a busy college basketball weekend.

While the outing itself wasn’t especially memorable, one sequence from it did go viral after the fact.

Specifically, eagle-eyed fans at home couldn’t help but notice an encounter between a young man and woman that occurred in the first half with Detroit up by two over Boston College.

The sequence speaks for itself:

Folks on social media were absolutely enamored. They immediately took to Twitter to react.

The responses were largely what you would expect:

This has been a crazy year in college sports. Between Miami twins Haley and Hanna Cavinder’s provocative photos going viral, an ASU fan getting busted doing something truly unexpected in the stands and Olivia Dunne’s wild outfit choice for the last LSU game – it has been one thing after another.

In that respect, this incident is just par for the course.

The college basketball season is a long one, so there is plenty of room for little fun subplots like this to go viral.

Which one will ultimately set the internet ablaze next?

Time will tell.

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